Coaches Corner

Player Development. Job #1

"Our team is 56 and 10 over the last three years...."

Respectfully I say....SO WHAT?

As a youth coach, we must never forget our jobs should be first and foremost about PLAYER DEVELOPMENT

The lessons learned through losing can some times far out weigh those learned through winning. read that correctly!
I'm NOT saying that we shouldn't keep score or that as coaches we shouldn't emphasize winning or even that I think losing is a great thing.
A struggling team gives a coach the opportunity to break down WHY the team struggled, make the adjustments and move forward. That's an opportunity to teach that baseball is one of the few sports where a player is unsuccessful 2 out of 3 attempts and can still be deemed a success!  This is also an opportunity to teach that "maybe today, those guys on the other side were just a little better than we were....and we'll get'em next time".  

What impression are you making on your team?

Many of you are coaching and leading young men and women every Saturday morning at a ballpark somewhere. 

That's an opportunity much larger than simply filling out a lineup card and coaching the bases. YOU are molding and shaping young minds and bodies. Not just future ball players but also future mothers, fathers, teachers, preachers, judges, iron workers, carpenters, contractors, politicians.......and coaches!  

Teach them sportsmanship and how to be a good teammate. Show them how to be on time for practice and games. Also show them that arguing with an umpire is for coaches ONLY and do so without making a spectacle out of yourself. Remember, nobody came to see you coach! Plus, umpires appreciate a quiet and non confrontational approach. They really want to get the call with them. Be professional. 

Top 5 "Must Haves" For Training

 5. A Place To Play Wall Ball
Constant and repetitive practice of the core skills needed for being a baseball player; THROWING and CATCHING. Use sidewalk chalk and practice throwing to a target!

4. A Rubber Baseball
See above!

3. Plastic Practice Balls
AKA Wiffle Balls(R). Used to practice hand eye coordination and timing and safe for around the house.
No broken windows!

2. Mini Practice Balls
Improve hand/eye coordination with
"small ball".

1. A Batting Tee
THE # 1 tool for developing young hitters!